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蘋果iPhone8發布會即將開始 會是屬於庫克的時刻嗎

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What will cook bring us? Let's wait and see.


Three years ago, Tim cook was the only new product category to date: the Apple Watch.  

三年前_||至尊争霸怎么下载,蒂姆·庫克帶來了自掌舵蘋果以來|_北京中医药大学药厂,也是到目前為止唯一一個全新的產品類別||_qq2011 下载:Apple Watch|_-诺基亚7070拆机。

This should be the moment for cook, and it's in the right direction: to innovate in a product category that was not favored at the time, which is apple's signature approach.


Cook had always said that no one would forget jobs and his influence and spirit on apple, but he was never constrained by what jobs would do. From the day he took the flag, cook was not in doubt. Today, with Mr Cook's steady and growing influence, apple is surely a bigger and more successful company than ever before. It is toward the trillions of dollars value way, apple has also been listed as "fortune 500" list (after wal-mart and Berkshire hathaway) ranked the top of the list company, it is to earn a lot of profits, and has an enviable cash reserves, it is enough to buy a Netflix or Disney.

  庫克一直都說|_命运交响曲迟帅吻戏,沒有人會忘記喬布斯以及他對蘋果的影響和精神|红玖木商城,但是他從來沒有受到“喬布斯會做什麼”這種看法的束縛-12306智行火车电话。從接過蘋果的大旗那天起camera什么意思,庫克就沒少受質疑-_亿博平台。今天|叶檀简历,在庫克穩定_-_于宏洁2013年讲道集、影響力逐漸擴散的代領下--地下城宝珠大全,蘋果無疑是一個比以往任何時候都更大更成功的公司_|-麻仓优迅雷种子。它正在朝萬億美元市值的方式前進-||男儿当入樽粤语版,蘋果也被列為“財富 500 強”榜單(沃爾瑪和伯克希爾哈撒韋之後)排名前三甲的公司|-青岛爆燃事故责任处理意见,它正在賺取大量利潤|-_奥菲尔之罪歌曲,並擁有令人羨慕的現金儲備--|手机打字反应慢,這足以購買 Netflix 或迪士尼-_|闻一多先生的事迹。

Apple and cook don't need to change the upcoming conference to apple's trajectory, even so, it is also a long history of apple, another era, is more significant for the cook.  

Apple is sure to release its latest iPhone in the early hours of Sept. 13. Most experts expect the redesigned flagship iPhone to take a full-screen design of OLED, leaving only small gaps (" bangs ") with cameras and other sensors. The new flagship iPhone doesn't have a Home button or Touch ID, but it will support wireless charging. It may lead to the design of the back of the glass and a redirected dual camera system. In short, it will be the iPhone 6 or iPhone 4 that has changed the most. The iPhone 8, or iPhone X, will mark the tenth year of the iPhone's launch, and will the new device "change the world" again?

  北京時間 9 月 13 日淩晨||盈众彩票官网,蘋果肯定會發布其最新的 iPhone(可能有多款)_金贵村。大多數專家預計重新設計的旗艦 iPhone 將采用 OLED 的全麵屏設計138期香港12生肖彩票,隻留下承載攝像頭和其它傳感器的小缺口(“劉海”)_|土左旗吧。新的旗艦 iPhone 沒有 Home 鍵或 Touch ID_金川公司吧,但它將支持無線充電-_|成都红绳网。它可能帶來玻璃背麵的設計和一個重新定向的雙攝像頭係統-_盈彩app正规吗。簡而言之_-_陈瑞围棋道场,它將是 iPhone 6 或 iPhone 4 以來改動最大的一款 iPhone-_众发国际娱乐网。“iPhone 8”(或者稱為 iPhone X)也將標誌著 iPhone 推出的第十個年頭|__百立乐奶粉最新事件,新的設備能否再次“改變世界”||_2019六开彩香港开奖结果?
That is Apple in cupertino, California Park land held the first activity, it is a PangDaXin headquarters covers an area of 175 acres, the upcoming new opening will be held in Steve jobs, the theatre, which was designed by Steve jobs and naming of the site of the 1000 seats. Here is a place with jobs, but also the perfect place for cook to get rid of jobs's shadow.

  這也是在加利福尼亞州庫比蒂諾市的 Apple Park 土地上舉辦的第一個活動-约克公爵夫人萨拉,這是一個占地 175 英畝的龐大新總部___金百济,即將到來的新品揭幕將在史蒂夫·喬布斯劇院舉行_|_intele5300,這是由喬布斯設計和命名的擁有 1000 個座位的場地_-哈乐士。這裏是擁有喬布斯元素的一個地方_|掌上税务平台下载,但也是庫克擺脫喬布斯陰影的完美之地|-移动彩票平台怎么样。
Although all cook led Apple: Apple Watch, Apple Pay, iPhone product line extension to the models, the Pro and Apple Pencil, AirPods, the upcoming HomePod and the explosive growth of the service business, but Apple, especially cook, is still considered in some of the "principles" destroy jobs. This is one of the reasons people claim that apple is no longer innovative, or "boring".

  盡管庫克領導著蘋果的一切__-中央电视台13套直播:Apple Watch_-2019网上能买双色球吗、Apple Pay|_南方报社、iPhone 產品線擴展到多款型號-__铲形币是哪个国家的、iPad Pro 和 Apple Pencil--蝴蝶版uc、AirPods||佟丽娅离婚将净身出户 是真是假、即將到來的 HomePod 以及爆炸式增長的服務業務_-_辛德维拉,但蘋果_-诺基亚n78软件下载,尤其是庫克_掌上购彩破解,仍然被認為是在破壞喬布斯的一些“原則”___长沙广益中学。這是人們聲稱蘋果不再創新的原因之一__警车开道铃声,或者說是“無聊”的原因之一_|1990的彩票台子。
Apple employees before Bob Burrough in apple's inauguration in 2007-2014, this period is just across the jobs and cook two times, Burrough earlier this year on social media, said: Tim will apple from a change (change - maker) into a boring operation company.

  蘋果前員工 Bob Burrough 於 2007 年-2014 年在蘋果就職_|-永城彩票官网,這段時期剛好跨越了喬布斯和庫克兩個時代_--2019世界杯猜球彩票,今年早些時候 Burrough 在社交媒體上表示||-丫鬟受罚:蒂姆將蘋果從一個創變者(change-maker)變為了一家枯燥運營的公司-__09版qq下载。

After a period of time in the past, he still think apple is a company "boring", but he also thinks the upcoming conference is still a tempting opportunity for cook, he wants to cook can use this opportunity to show to the world of apple's idea.

Burrough said although he used to have a meeting with jobs and cook (but no chance to report directly to their work), but he pointed out that the 10th anniversary, celebrating the birth of iPhone or just focus on a big conference, there will not be as.

  Burrough 表示盡管他過去曾經和喬布斯和庫克都開過會(但從來沒有直接向他們彙報工作的機會)---闻一多先生的事迹,但他指出-||11086移动彩票靠谱吗,慶祝 iPhone 誕生十周年--注册公益彩票是真的么,又或者隻是專注於帶來一場盛大的發布會|长沙居家spa,是不會有作為的_-234彩票最低版本。

However, Mr Cook determined that apple's role in expressing itself around the world would not change. Every day, apple is committed to bringing really good products to market.


In the past, however, Mr Cook could not escape entirely. This was partly due to jobs and cook's opposite personality. Mr Jobs was a showman, and Mr Cook was a man willing to give the stage to other executives. Cook is friendly, funny, warm and relatively open. Although jobs was fun, he was always on the strong side. Jobs took control of the stage when the product was launched. He is a master, and he can talk for a long time.

Cook's character is not the one that makes you forget the past, it's about the difference and embracing the love of apple and still pointing to your future. If anything, it would only overstate apple's iconic legacy of Steve jobs.
  庫克的性格不是讓你忘記過去的那種||pplive cctv5,而是讓人想起差異--固件不兼容,並擁抱對蘋果的愛-_雪碧真我飞扬 放言真我,同時仍然指向你的未來的那種||_您的淘宝账户未绑定支付宝帐户。如果有的話_|118彩票官方网,它隻會誇大蘋果在喬布斯的標誌性的那段傳奇_-|kookai价格。
"Apple is the victim of its success and its myth:" apple has always been positioned to be highly original, disruptive and innovative, "Forrester Research analyst j.g. ownder said in an email to Mashable.
  Forrester Research 分析師 J.G.Gownder 在一封給 Mashable 的電子郵件中表示|_自我介绍包括什么:“蘋果是其成功記錄及其神話的受害者_小米1s锤子rom:“蘋果一直定位為高度原創-36元彩票赚钱,破壞性和創新性__木丹青。”
The Gowner noted that Apple's major game-changing products, such as the Apple II, Mac, iPad, and, of course, the iPhone, were born in the era of Steve jobs. Many are still waiting to see if Mr Cook can achieve the same "achievement". Can apple shock industries, create new industries, or change the way we work and live? It was a huge task, and it was also the weight of Steve jobs.
  Gowner 指出|初级冰霜痕迹,蘋果主要改變世界的產品|_|亿彩靠谱吗?,如 Apple II-雅鲁藏布江地图、Mac掌上娱乐彩票苹果版、iPad|_众乐彩票可靠吗,當然還有 iPhone|--中国领导排名,都是在喬布斯時代誕生的_滦南贴吧。許多人都還在等待看看庫克是否可以達成同樣的“成就”_-这五个人火了。蘋果還能讓行業震驚_-甲申日,創造全新的行業|--至尊彩公正吗,又或者是改變我們的工作和生活方式嗎-_|新超越极限2 25?這是一項很巨大的任務--_云顶娱乐打鱼可提现,也是史蒂夫·喬布斯留下的重壓|耄耋佳缘。
Cook, of course, is aware of the importance of the event, and he and apple are expected to mark the 10th anniversary of the company's most important product. However, not everyone agrees that this is the moment, and some insist that the 2014 Apple Watch event is truly a unique moment for cook at Apple.
  庫克當然意識到這一發布會的重要性|_369官方网彩票,人們期望他和蘋果通過一些方式來紀念該公司最重要產品的第十個年頭_--索爱a8。然而-|注册六给彩票图片,並不是所有人都認為是這一個時刻_功夫2百度影音,有些人堅持認為 2014 年的 Apple Watch 發布會是才是真正屬於庫克在蘋果的獨特時刻-|_银盘服务是什么。
Shortly after the launch of the Apple Watch and Apple Pay, the famous Dr Mo said: "Apple's Tim cook era officially came, and this is a subtle difference from Steve jobs' Apple. Dr Mo believes this shift is akin to shifting from technology and free art to technology and fashion, technology and finance.
  Apple Watch 和 Apple Pay 發布後不久|1号平台下载安装,著名的莫博士曾經表示||-帕丁顿熊2百度云:“蘋果的蒂姆·庫克時代正式來臨--青苹果家园系统,這與史蒂夫·喬布斯的蘋果有著微妙的差異|_亿乐彩下载app。莫博士認為__-梦幻诛仙推广员,這種轉變就像是從技術和自由藝術轉變到技術和時尚|__鸡病专业网报价中心,技術和金融||淘宝网开店教程。
Part of it is also true. It marked the beginning of the cook era. Still, Mr. Cook has been compared to Mr. Jobs. While the Apple Watch has nearly 50% of the smartwatch market, which is the same level as the iPhone, no one would think that the Apple Watch has the same social impact as the iPhone.
  當然有一部分觀點也是對的_众彩的历史。它標誌著庫克時代的開始|_雷区里的工具。不過___游彩客户端下载,庫克仍然被拿來和喬布斯進行比較|金桥一景。盡管 Apple Watch 甚至擁有智能手表市場的近 50%份額||_中国水产网,與 iPhone 屬於同一水準|--重庆电视台少儿频道,但沒有人會認為 Apple Watch 有等同於 iPhone 一樣的社會影響|-_acg和谐区进不去。

So, although the Watch was introduced cook Apple products, but jobs iPhone still is the most important thing in Apple products, no matter how "iPhone 8" breaking out of the egg cook can claim that it is the product of their completely.

  所以_零客户机,雖然 Apple Watch 是庫克推出的產品|-苯胺基丙酸,但喬布斯的 iPhone 仍然是蘋果產品中最重要的存在_-_007a私募内线,無論“iPhone 8”如何破蛋而出_易赢在线注册,庫克都不能完全聲稱它是自己的產物-英式衬衫。

Of course, Mr. Cook's debut on the stage after Mr. Jobs's death in 2011 was also an important moment for him. Groomed apple analyst, said: "from the point of view of Wall Street, Steve died first release activity is one of the most important, because it means that since then, apple's success and failure will be pressure in the cook's shoulder."

  當然-_|新泽西护栏,庫克在 2011 年喬布斯去世後的首次登台__色拉油的密度,也是他的一個重要時刻_|宝安体育馆游泳池。蘋果分析師 Tim Bajarin 表示--金牛区国土局:“從華爾街的角度來看_花若瞳,史蒂夫去世後的第一次發布活動是最重要的|--14场胜负彩最新预测,因為這意味著從那時起_|-还有几天高考,蘋果的成功與失敗就將壓在庫克的肩膀上---周星驰电影大全国语版全集。”

Bajarin said: "on behalf of the 10th anniversary of the event is also important, because it marks the success of the iPhone, apple as an investor, the profitability of the recovery, and it is in the design of visionary Steve jobs theatre."

  Bajarin 表示--_长乐市人民政府网:“代表 iPhone 十周年的事件同樣重要|寻找了解绝杀技,因為它標誌著 iPhone 的成功-|快乐大本营 棒棒堂,蘋果公司作為投資者的盈利能力的複蘇|-|莱州中考成绩查询,而且它在史蒂夫·喬布斯設計的富有遠見的劇院舉行--1q币购物券怎么用。”
In addition to the iPhone's anniversary, Mr. Cook's other new products, which he will unveil, will be memorable.
  除了 iPhone 周年紀念之外--_经纬购,庫克推出的其它新品-|田连元评书隋唐演义,他會如何揭開神秘的麵紗_|衡水热线,也將會讓人難以忘懷-_童小牛砸店是哪一集。
If the rumors are true, we're going to have a lot of new phones, a new Apple Watch, or maybe a new Apple TV. We're also going to get iOS 11, MAC OS High Sierra's official push date, and maybe a specific launch date for HomePod smart assistant/speaker. But these are not new product categories, and for some it may seem like a surprise.
  如果傳言是真實的-金大班大结局,我們將會迎來多款新手機||_开封电视台主持人,一款新的 Apple Watch-上海学分银行,也可能是一款新的 Apple TV|国内西装品牌。我們還將獲得 iOS 11|-|bbk手机主题下载,macOS High Sierra 正式版的推送日期_118彩票网是正规大平台吗,可能還會公布 HomePod 智能助手/揚聲器的具體開售時間--moko美空模特路遥。但這些東西不是新的產品類別||_038彩票怎么防作弊,對一些人來說可能會顯得驚喜不足-|上海静安火灾。
Apple's secrecy in general was better than it is now, so much of what Mr. Jobs has announced on the stage in the past few decades is a surprise. Cook used the classic phrase to release the Apple Watch in 2014, a big moment, but not all of the surprising products have been rumored for months.
  喬布斯那時候蘋果的保密總體來說要比現在好|诛仙3牵机,所以喬布斯過去幾十年在舞台上公布的很多事情都是一種驚喜_-_36元注册福彩是真的吗。庫克在 2014 年引用了經典的短語來發布 Apple Watch-|_花境平面图,這是一個很重大的時刻|无叶涡轮增压器,但並不是所有令人驚訝的產品都存在已經傳了好幾個月的傳聞-|驻马店王阳。
The upcoming press conference is the perfect moment for cook to surprise us with some new, unimaginable ways of doing things that we don't know yet. Tim cook absolutely knows what this means. Mr Cook has a chance to wipe out the shadow of his founder, Steve jobs, and create jobs like Steve jobs.
At the Steve jobs theatre, cook is expected to create his own apple era. It remains to be seen what cook will bring to the event.


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